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Ultra Suction - Testimonials

After years of dog’s life using glues, powders and other denture adhesives, I fitted Ultra Suction™ on my denture. The outcome is very favourable ! I can bite in an apple as if it were my own teeth. Thank you so much!!!
Gisèle, Valais

I would like to thank you as I fitted 2 Ultra Suction™ kits on to my two dental prothesis. It hold perfectly well! I can but recommend this product to my circle of friends and to all who have problems with denture settings.
Paul, Vaud

It’s a miracle ! I’ve found the sense of taste again ! Thanks to UltraSuction™ fitting on my upper denture the resin palate has been removed and I feel again a pleasure to eating. A big thank you !
Simone, Genève

The UltraSuction™ system was easy to purchase and is not expensive. I appreciate now the steadiness of my new denture.   
Francis, Jura