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Ultra Suction - Questions asked by patients

Questions and answers are generally within patients’ province  


If I have to renew my denture because they do not fit anymore, can I adapt Ultra Suction™ at the same time ?

Certainly, yes ! Your dentist will take your gum impression and adapt Ultra Suction™ while reloading your denture.

How long lasts Ultra Suction™ ?

Ultra Suction™ valves are made up of stainless surgical steel. It last as long as your denture.

When I order a denture for the first time, and if I ask for an Ultra Suction™ addition, could it be fitted immediately?

Absolutely yes ! Various studies carried out in Europe early in the eighties, have proved that wearing dentures for the first time could be felt as hard as learning to swim !
Bad habits grow in the first days of a denture  wearing. A malnutrition has been observed because patients are unable to chew and swallow correctly. Moreover, pleasure to eat is highly reduced when dentures are ill-fitted. Ultra Suction™ improves your denture stability, leading to a faster fitting of new dentures.

Once equipped with Ultra Suction™, how do I clean my denture?

DentureBriteRemove your denture from your mouth and put it in your  DentureBrite™ automatic vibratory cleaning and scaling system for 15 minutes. At the end of the cleaning process, rince your denture with fresh water and put it back in your mouth.
We recommend you to pay a visit to your dentist every half a year.
Your dentist will examine your gums and teeth to do the appropriate adjustment, he will open the valves and clean all the internal parts.

My dentist suggested to put 2 dental implants to hold my lower denture, but this is too expensive for my budget. Can I use Ultra Suction™ instead ?

Your dentist is absolutely right! But if you cannot afford to pay a few thousands francs for such a technique, Ultra Suction™ is another alternative. It is a really cheaper option!

Using Ultra Suction™ with my denture, do I have to use a denture adhesive ?

No! You don’t need. A denture adhesive would obstruct the sucking passages and makes valves ineffective.