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SleepStrip - Instructions for use



1. Just before going to bed, clean your face with water. Take out the  SleepStrip® and the green sticker from its packaging.

2. Fold up the nasal sensors at right angle. (figure 1)

3. Take out the cleaning alcohol wet pad from its package and rub with it the results display zone. (figure 2)

4. Unstick the green sticker (developer) from its protective film and stick it firmly on the reading zone. (figure 3) The red warning light must switch on.  

5. Take off the protective films at the back of the SleepStrip® and apply  SleepStrip® centered on cleaned checkbones in front of a mirror. (figure 4) The red warning light must at first switch off  and then blink for every exhalation of yours.
(Blinking will stop after approximately 20 minutes)

SleepStrip® must be worn at least during 5 hours.

6. When you wake up, unstick the SleepStrip® from your face.  Be sure that the green sticker is still in place and correctly tied. The light will switch on for 20 minutes, a little while after having taken off the SleepStrip® from your face or 8½ hours after activation.  

7. Put the  SleepStrip® in the provided place, fill in the questionnaire and send the whole to Impexbo Sàrl so that we can analyse the results and send them back to you.