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SleepRight Standard - Stops teeth grinding

CHF 99.00

SleepRight Standard - Stops teeth grinding

SleepRight Standard is a preventive and protective device that avoids teeth grinding, bruxism, teeth clenching during night, and all possible jaw pains.
SleepRight Standard
Advantages to using SleepRight Standard

- No need to boil it to achieve its mouth adjustment.
- Protects your teeth from damages due to grinding and teeth clenching.
- Easily adaptable in your mouth in the wink of an eye.
- Unbeatable price compared to professional mouthpieces carried out by dentists.
- Can be worn during non combat-sport like : golf, tennis, cycling, walking, archery etc…
- Latexfree.

SleepRight Standard has been developed by a dental technique specialist and is worn all over the world by thousands of people affected by bruxism (teeth grinding).

SleepRight Standard instructions for use

SleepRight Standard is worn during night but could also be worn during daytime.

1. Hold your SleepRight Standard in your hand.
2. Put your SleepRight Standard in your mouth.
3. Adjust both sides according to your dental morphology and chose one of the four setting positions (S-M-L-XL).
4. The thermal strip must be correctly positioned according to your lower incisors, to your gum and to your lower lip.

Important remark : Adjustment must be the same on both sides.

It is prohibited for children below 16 years old to wear SleepRight Standard.

SleepRight Standard cleaning

When you wake up, take the SleepRight Standard out of your mouth and put it in the DentureBrite vibratory automatic cleaning and scaling system, for 15 minutes. At the end of this procedure, rince the mouthpiece with running water and put it back in its box.

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