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Noiselezz - Instructions for use

  1. Grab your Noiselezz and close it like an oyster (see picture A).
  2. Be careful with the small protuberance located on the external side of your Noiselezz (see picture B). Before inserting Noiselezz in your mouth, turn it in such a way that the protuberance is placed on the upper teeth (see picture C). The upper jaw will thus be maintained forward as if it were proeminent, allowing a free air passage into your throat.
  3. Put then Noiselezz in your mouth. In 99% cases, Noiselezz is perfectly fitted in your mouth.

When you open your Noiselezz box, notice its initial position. Don’t forget to replace it in the same way after use.

Lifetime of your Noiselezz

Noiselezz lifetime is between 9 and 12 months. To ensure a smooth functioning of your Noiselezz, we recommend to change it at most after 12 months utilisation.