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Noiselezz - First weeks

The  adaptation period lasts  usually two to three weeks until maximum comfort is reached. For the first days, you could be unable to bear your mouthpiece for the whole night. It is also possible that you loose it while sleeping. Don’t be discouraged, this is quite usual.

It is important, in the evening, once you have brushed your teeth and before inserting the mouthpiece, you should suck up the accumulated saliva in the teeth grooves. Doing so, the mouthpiece would stick better on your teeth. You will get used to your mandibular advancement mouthpiece with time.  Sometimes a lack of comfort appears on jaws and teeth, in the first days. This also is usual and this feeling would disappear once you take off your mouthpiece.

If you use regularly your Noiselezz, regardless of its type, the feeling of foreign body in your mouth will disappear completely, quite often in a few weeks. Most of users do not encounter significant problems during the period of mouthpiece adaptation.  That’s why you must not be discouraged from the very beginning. After a few weeks, your bed partner and yourself will be highly satisfied from the results.