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Noiselezz - Anti-snoring and anti-sleep apnea

CHF 79.00

Noiselezz is a mandibular advancement orthesis the patient wears when sleeping. It consists of two mouthpieces attached to the upper and lower dental arches and connected by a hinge. Noiselezz is easily adaptable to all mouth types, because it is made up of a material keeping its shape according to your jaw.


The mandibular advancement orthesis exerts a forward strength over the jaw, holding forward your tongue and the soft palate, making more space in the respiratory tract.

Without Noiselezz = 
Respiratory tracts are blocked
With Noiselezz =
Respiratory tracts are free open

The treatment is efficient on patients which suffer from snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. For severe obstructive sleep apnea, you should consult a sleep specialist and follow a heavier treatment.

Noiselezz is recommended in case of:

- Snoring.
- Mild to moderate sleep apnea.

Noiselezz is unadvisable in case of:

- Bad fitted full denture (upper/lower).
- Bad fitted partial denture (upper/lower).
- Painful mastication (joint problem).
- Dental treatment.
- Noiselezz is not intended to children less than 16 years old, being in full growth, unless the doctor or dentist has prescribed it precisely.
- It is unadvisable to use Noiselezz if you you suffer from periodontosis with loose teeth and receded gum. First, you have to treat your teeth from this desease with your dentist and then you will be able to use Noiselezz without restrictions and with big success.
- Noiselezz is not designed for people who grind their teeth during their sleep (bruxism).

Cleaning Noiselezz

When you wake up, take the Noiselezz out of your mouth and put it in the DentureBrite vibratory automatic cleaning and scaling system, for 15 minutes. At the end of this procedure, rince the Noiselezz with running water and put it back in its box.

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