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General information
Ordering and delivery
Snoring and sleep apnea
Teeth grinding and bruxism
Dental hygiene

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A) Payment

1) I would like to pay by bank check. Is that possible evenso it is a French bank check  ?

There is no problem. We have settled the payment way by checks, for our French customers  only, as it is their habit to do so.  This method  however takes a little more time than a payment by credit card and cause supplementary expenses. If you own a credit card, it is therefore better to use it, it is faster and less expensive. Using a credit card, please connect yourself to our internet site www.impexbo.com and replace your order.

B) Dispatching

1) I’m living in France and we are the 12th of August. Is it possible that my order could be sent back to me before the 30th August ?

If you send your order quickly (before the 15th August), we can dispatch your goods as priority mail. It takes 3 to 4 working days, and you shall receive your SleepRight before the 30th of August.

C) Miscellaneous

What is to be done if the device does not fit ?

SleepRight is an anti bruxism device with a quite interesting quality / price ratio. If you decide to get a custom-fit anti bruxism mouthpiece at your dentist’s (the only way to stop bruxism) you will have to pay out 250 to 400 EUR, knowing that SleepRight will cost you only EUR 65.-

For the sake of hygiene, we cannot take back an ill-fitted device. On the other hand, if you inform us in a period of 7 days after the receipt, that the device does not fit, we will refund you for half the price paid and you can then throw the device in the garbage can.

On the other hand if, opening the packaging you notice that the device will not fit, you can send it back in the original wrapping, and we shall refund the total price paid minus dispatching costs.