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Customfit mouthpiece concept

1. Pains during mastication (articulation problem).
2. Dental treatment.
3. Mouthpieces are not intended to children less than 16 years old, being in full growth, unless the doctor or dentist has prescribed it precisely. 
4. If you suffer from periodontosis with loose teeth and receded gum, it is recommended not to use mouthpieces. First, you have to treat your teeth from this desease with your dentist and then you will be able to use a mouthpiece without restrictions.
Material preparation 
Impression kit Material :
- A toothbrush and toothpaste.
- A stopwatch.
- A dental impression kit to use at home.

Our impression kit includes  :
« Splash » forming material.
- Three impression bearers. 
- Instructions for use.
Teeth and hand cleaning
Teeth cleaning
Wash thoroughly your hands and teeth before achieving your dental impression.
Choosing an impression bearer
Impression bearer Having received 3 different sizes of impression bearer, try each one and choose the one fitting the best in your mouth.
Take the forming material « Splash » in your hands
  The forming material Impression Take in your hands the forming material « Splash » (purple and white).
-mix the two coloured materials (purple and white) during 30 seconds until you obtain a unicolor new material (purple).
Put this new forming material inside the impression bearer
  Impression bearer You have only 15 seconds to put the « sausage » rolled resin inside the impression bearer as shown on the left picture. Smooth over the resin with your thumb until it reaches the bearer borders. You must obtain a flat surface.
Achieve your impressions
  Achieve your impressions Take your impression bearer, place it at the middle of your lower teeth and press the resin firmly on your teeth with the handle pointing forward. Keep your pressure during 2 minutes having an eye on your stopwatch.

Push to the maximum the carry-print against the teeth in order to obtain a deep print !
Take off the impression bearer
Impression bearer Holding the bearer by its handle, swing it up and down until it comes off your teeth. Then rince it with cold water.
Sending your dental impression
  Sending your dental impression Once you have achieved your dental impression, send it back preferably in a padded envelope, to the following address :
Impexbo Sàrl
Chemin du Stand 1
1040 Echallens
VD Switzerland
Dispatching your « anti bruxism and teeth grinding » mouthpiece
  As soon as we receive your parcel, we begin carrying out your « anti teeth grinding » mouthpiece and return it to you in the following 20 working days.